“MantisGreenTech” is the brainchild of a multicultural and interdisciplinary team Eva Hotz, Katharina Diehl & Srijna Jha.

We are a startup focused on the development, production and commercialization of green technology. To offer the 21st century consumer, efficient and aesthetic ways for energy personalization. Now introducing "SOLARIGAMI", the new energy producing textile and a non-invasive water filtration system - a compact, efficient, robust, lightweight, scalable modular system combining an easy application and a maximum energy yield in an individual frame. What's more? We made it absolutely desirable! Make a conscious upgrade. A new standard in autarkic systems.

Eva Hotz

Founder, Design Director

Srijna Jha

Founder, Technical Director

Katharina Diehl

Founder, Head of Management


Eco Design

German Design