Energy Producing Solar Textile Featuring Multiple Level Innovations

Bowl Collector Design, Adjustable Angles For Optimal Incident Sunlight, Origami Folds For Maximum Mobility, Material Layering For Robustness & Much More

Solartextile Folded

Solartextile 1

Solartextile 3

Non-Invasive, Scalable Biotic Water Filtration System

Utilizes The "SODIS" Method To Filter Water Of All Biotic Elements, Simply Place The Bottle On Top & Switch On

Water Filtration 3

Water Filtration 2

Water Filtration 1

Autarkic Systems

Combine Multiple Solar-Textile Units To Cover Any Area, Custom Order & Scale For A Rural Development Package, Seamless Transport For Quick Effective Crisis Or Disaster Management

Adventure & Outdoors

Disaster Response

Rural Development


Eco Design

German Design